Former Wilson Center Public Policy Scholar Moushira Khattab was informed by No Peace Without Justice that today, at its 67th Ordinary Session, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) will adopt the Resolution “Intensifying Global Efforts for the elimination of female genital mutilation” [].

Dr. Khattab was a principle architect of laws criminalizing the practice of female genital mutilation in Egypt.

We are including below the letter that was sent to Dr. Khattab by No Peace Without Justice. The letter gives you instruction on how to watch the debate at UNGA live.


“The adoption of the Resolution represents a paradigm shift of great significance, securing the political will necessary to stamp out the practice. It will be possible to view the adoption, which will be webcast on UNTV, together with the other Resolutions to be adopted this year, between 10:00 and 13:00 EST this coming Thursday.

For over two years the BanFGM Coalition has worked for the recognition that female genital mutilation is a human rights violation which must be combated through the enactment and enforcement of legislation that bans it; in this advocacy, we have been joined and supported by human rights activists, women’s organizations, parliamentarians, government representatives and ordinary citizens from throughout Africa, Europe and worldwide.

And so, on the eve of this long-awaited event, we write you to extend our congratulations to you, too, because this is also your victory, though your support for the Campaign and your signature on the International Appeal for a worldwide ban on FGM.

This Resolution will be an essential turning point, yet the fight is far from over.  This expression of political will must be followed by concrete actions by all our governments. And so it will be up to all of us to continue to actively advocate for the elimination of this scourge, starting with doing all that is within our power to see that effective national laws are enacted and enforced.”